Recognize to Reconcile commemoration event dedicated to Khojaly genocide took place in Indonesia

Yesterday the Youth on Organization of Islamic Cooperation Indonesia (OIC Youth Indonesia) and Indonesia National Youth Council with the support of the Eurasian Regional Center of ICYF (ICYF-ERC), embassy of Azerbaijan in Indonesia as well as Wakaf Al Azhar organized the “Recognize to Reconcile: Legal and International Relations Perspective” commemoration event dedicated to the 31st anniversary of Khojaly massacre in Jakarta city.

The event took place in the Buya Hamka Hall of the Indonesian Al-Azhar Mosque with the participation of about 100 scientists, teachers, and students. The Opening Ceremony started with the reading of the verses from the Holy Quran.

Then the chairman of the OIC Youth Organization of Indonesia Ms. Astrid Nadiya Rizgita, the Acting Director General of the ICYF-ERC Vusal Gurbanov (online), and the Vice-president of the Indonesian National Youth Council Tantan Taufiq Lubis delivered speeches on the events dedicated to the international recognition of the Khojaly tragedy in the world. The speakers also mentioned that the Indonesian youth speak out the truth of Karabakh in the South-East Asian region and always defend the fair position of Azerbaijan.

Afterward, the ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Indonesia Jalal Mirzayev, delivered his speech as the keynote speaker and gave information on the history of the Khojaly tragedy, called this happening “a crime against humanity” committed in the 20th century, noted that impunity leads to international crimes of this type, and emphasized the importance of bringing the perpetrators of the Khojaly genocide to justice.

Among the others, the manager of Al-Azhar Foundation Ryan Luminaries, as well as the chairman of the International Relations and International Cooperation Commission of the Indonesian Majlis Ulema Ambassador Bunyan Saptomo, the lecturer at the Strategic Global Studies University of Indonesia Syaroni Rofii, the director of the Center for Constitutional Studies of Andalus University Feri Amsari S.H. M.H. LL.M, and Dean Faculty of Law Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia Yusub Hidayat, in their speeches and discussions noted the importance of recognizing the Khojaly tragedy as a genocide by the world community in larger scale.

The participants recited prayers for the souls of Khojaly victims, got acquainted with a photo exhibition depicting the tragedy, and watched a short documentary in the framework of the commemoration event.