Indonesia hosted the Model OIC Simulation Conference – 2023

24 October 2023. The Eurasian Regional Center of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF-ERC), in collaboration with the National Youth Council Indonesia, OIC Youth Indonesia, the Santri Diplomacy Academy and other Indonesian partner institutions, organized the “Model OIC Diplomatic Simulation Conference – 2023” within the framework of the National Santri Day, one of the most important youth days of this country, for two days in Bogor, Indonesia.

At the opening ceremony of the event, after a recitation from the holy Quran, Ms. Ani Nigeriavati, the Director of the Public Diplomacy Department of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Tantan Taufiq Lubis, the Vice President of ICYF, Mr. Vusal Gurbanov, the Acting Director of the ICYF-ERC, Ms. Astrid Nadya Rizqita, the President of OIC Indonesia, Ms. Sururoh Uthman, the Director of the Santri Diplomacy Academy, Mr. Kiai M. Yazid Dimyati, the Leader of the Lido Islamic Center, Mr. Arsul Sani and Mr. Jazilul Fawaid, the Vice Presidents of the People’s Consultative Assembly, Mr. Zuhair Al-Shun, the Ambassador of Palestine to Indonesia, Dr. Yassir Mohamed Ali Mohammed, the Ambassador of Sudan to Indonesia and Ms. Woro Srihastuti Sulistyaningrum, the representative of the Indonesian Ministry of Human Development and Culture made congratulatory remarks, underlining the importance of Muslim unity and the growing interest in Model OIC IR Academy among Southeast Asian Muslim youth organizations.

In his remarks, Mr. Vusal Gurbanov stated, “In difficult times, especially during the struggle for Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, we would like to highlight the support of our Indonesian friends. Today, Azerbaijan has successfully restored its territorial integrity in accordance with international legal norms, and we hope that other nations can achieve similar results through peaceful means.” Mr. Gurbanov also appreciated Indonesian youth for their active engagement in recent solidarity activities for Palestine, organized in the country.

On the first day of the event, the 1st-panel discussion was held on the topic of “Promoting Peaceful Coexistence through Santri Engagement” by keynote speaker, Dr. H. Jazilul Fawaid and speakers Mr. Jazziray Hartoyo, Ms. Inayah W. Wahid and Mr. Respiratori Saddam Al Jihad. The first day of the program concluded with the topic “Santri’s commitment to Global Sustainability through Spiritual Ecology” discussed by Mr. Iwan Eka Setiawan, Dr. Hayu S. Prabowo, Dr. Fachruddin M., Mr. Widyasworo Priatmojo and Ms. Riri Kharioh from Indonesia.

The event’s second day continued with a simulation conference of OIC Foreign Ministers on the agenda of “Regional Issues and Solidarity.”

It should be highlighted that almost 2000 young people have taken part in activities conducted in Indonesia as part of the “Model OIC” initiative.

The “Model OIC” program was implemented in Azerbaijan for the first time in 2011 at the initiative of the ICYF-ERC. Since then, this program has been successfully implemented annually in more than 40 OIC member countries, both at the national and international levels, based on the experience of Azerbaijan. The main goal of the program is to contribute to the leadership abilities of young people operating in the OIC countries, communication and representation skills in the international arena.