Project School OIC kicked off in Kazan

On November 17-18, the Eurasian Regional Center of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF-ERC), in cooperation with the Public organization “Academy of Youth Policy” and the Tatarstan Republican Youth Movement “Selet,” organized the “Project School OIC” in Kazan, Tatarstan (RF).


The event opened with welcoming speeches by Ms. Dilbar Sadykova, Chairman of the Academy of Youth Diplomacy, Ms. Aygul Gabdrakhmanova, Director of the Tatarstan Republican Youth Movement “Selet”, Mr. Vusal Gurbanov, Acting Director General of ICYF-ERC (online), and Ms. Laysan Safiullova, Project Coordinator. The distinguished speakers emphasized that events of this nature play a pivotal role in fostering the development and empowerment of youth in the OIC region. Mr. Vusal Gurbanov conveyed his appreciation to the organizers and the government of the Republic of Tatarstan (RF), expressing his hope that the cooperation will endure.


On the first day of the OIC Project School, Mr. Rauf Baba-zada, Project Manager of the ICYF-ERC, delivered an introductory presentation about the activities and implemented projects of ICYF-ERC. He invited participants to take an active part in future projects within the “Shusha OIC Youth Capital 2024”.


The primary objective of the project is to foster the development of connections, effective communication skills, multilateral diplomacy, and the exchange of experiences among young individuals and representatives of Russian and foreign companies.


On the inaugural day of the Project School OIC, participants delved into real cases of companies engaged with OIC countries. Assuming the role of experts, they generated innovative ideas and proposed projects for implementation based on the presented cases. The day featured the launch of the Design School, presentations by invited experts on companies’ activities, identification of key development areas, and the introduction of a case for participants to solve. Teams were then formed, and project work began.