International Bloggers participating in Show Me Azerbaijan Edition 2


The Eurasian Regional Center of ICYF (ICYF-ERC) is thrilled to announce international bloggers participating in the second edition of “Show me Azerbaijan” – International Bloggers Shusha Camp on November 21–27, 2022.

International #travel bloggers and influencers from 10 different countries and from Azerbaijan are invited to visit #Baku, #Shusha, #Shaki, #Ismayilli, and other cities in #Azerbaijan and get acquainted with Azerbaijan’s national cultural #heritage.

The selected influencers and #travel bloggers with thousands of followers traveled to more than 20 countries around the world to #explore the amazing cultures and cities.

Check out their instagram and web pages and get ready to explore the most beautiful corners of Azerbaijan:

Douglas Frederick Barnard – @doug_barnard
Milja Camilla Saloranta – @camillamilja
Adam Axoi – @adamaxoi
Assyl Akhmetova – @assylym21
Diska Resha Putra – @diskaresha
Sayf Aldeen Mahmood Shakir – @sayf90
Marina Comes Leandro – @marinacomes
Amr Hesham Ali Hassan Elagizy – @agizy_traveller
Aurelie Nora Bouti Grillot – @aureliestory
Joao Pedro Leitao – @joaoleitaoviagens @rjtravelagencycom