Statistical data of ICYF-ERC’s 2023 activities

The Eurasian Regional Center of #ICYF is extremely pleased and happy with its #accomplishments throughout the year 2023 that had a positive and remarkable impact to the #youth #empowerment and regional #cooperation.

Some of the achievements consisted of having organized 10 #meetings with #ambassadors that were greatly appreciated, conducted 21 projects in total that had great outcomes, and engaged more than 3500 young people across the world.

Moreover, ICYF-ERC has held various events like info sessions at universities and establishment of Model OIC Clubs, involved 500 volunteers in various projects worldwide and was awarded with 4 appreciation awards by several organizations recognized internationally during 2023.

It is also important to mention that ICYF-ERC made 12 official #visits, 18 official #meetings, and one #cooperation agreement.

Looking forward to more outstanding and influential achievements.