Board Meeting of ICYF-ERC

  • December 6, 2019
  • Baku, Azerbaijan

The meeting of the Board of the Eurasian Regional Center of ICYF (ICYF-ERC) was held in Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan, on 6 December 2019.

The meeting chaired by Mr. Elchin Askerov, Chair of the Board of ICYF-ERC was attended by Ms. Aygul Gabdrakhmanova, Board Member of ICYF-ERC, Mr. Fsahat Ul Hassan, Board Member of ICYF-ERC, Ms. Wajiha Haris, Board Member of ICYF-ERC (online), Mr. Elmaddin Mehdiyev, Director General of ICYF-ERC and Mr. Rasul Omarov, Director General of OIC Youth Forum – ICYF (as observer).

Following the presentation of the Report of the ICYF-ERC Director General on the Activities of ICYF-ERC in 2019 and discussions on the subject the Report was adopted by the ICYF-ERC Board Members. The meeting continued with discussions and consultations related with the planning of ICYF-ERC activities for 2020 and other important issues on the agenda of the meeting.

In its decision adopted at the end of the meeting, the Board of ICYF-ERC expressed its profound appreciation and gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its leadership for hosting ICYF-ERC in Baku; and the continuous support extended to ICYF-ERC and partnering in organization of the numerous activities of ICYF-ERC which ensured its successful activity since 2010, including in 2019. Congratulating the whole family of ICYF, including its past and current leadership, past and current board members, member institutions as well as staff members who sincerely put efforts for establishment and development of ICYF on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of establishment of the Forum marked on 4th December 2019, the Board of ICYF-ERC expressed its special thanks to the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan under leadership of H.E. President Ilham Aliyev whose generous support was critical in holding the Founding General Assembly of ICYF in Baku, in December 2004.

The Board of ICYF-ERC also thanked all the co-organizers and partners of the ICYF-ERC activities in 2019 and expressed its gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan (RF) and its leadership for the opportunities provided towards successfully holding two activities of ICYF-ERC (5th Kazan – OIC Youth Entrepreneurship Forum and the 1st International Model OIC – Eurasia) in Kazan, in 2019.

The next meeting of the Board of ICYF-ERC was scheduled to be held in Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, in the last week of January 2020.