KARABAKH – Cultural Heartland of Azerbaijan

ICYF-ERC is proud to announce its newest project “KARABAKH – Cultural Heartland of Azerbaijan”. The project is initiated in line with the decision of the International Board of ICYF-ERC on the activities of the Center in the framework of the “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” platform.

The project will consist of in total 5 (five) weeks of quizzes on the Azerbaijani cultural-historical heritage in Karabakh. Each week one question will be posted on the relevant social media accounts of ICYF-ERC and participants will be required to submit their answers via filling the special form.

The Jury of the project will review the answers weekly and announce 3 (three) winners of the week. At the end, the best and the most active 5 winners of the 5 weeks will get travel opportunity to the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan (to be organized in a suitable time frame), while other winners will be awarded with special gifts (electronic gadgets).


Eligibility for Participation:

The contest is open to all non-Azerbaijani youth aged between 18-35.


The project consists of in total 5 (five) weeks of quizzes, the first cycle to be launched on 2 February 2021, at 15:00 Baku time (GMT +4). Subsequently, the following cycles will be on 9 February, 16 February, 23 February and 2 March 2021. The allocated duration for submitting the answer is until the posting of the next question (that is 1 week). But it should be noticed that along with the correctness and completeness of the answers the quickness of submission will also be an important criteria to select winners.



The following criteria will be applied during the selection process:

  • Correctness of the answer;
  • Comprehensiveness and completeness of the answer;
  • Quickness of the submission of the correct answer;


Submission process:

The correct answer along with the relevant required information on the participant should be submitted online by filling the special form to be provided by the organizers via the link below the question each week.


Winners and Awards:

In total, there will be 15 winners – 3 winners: 1) the first place; 2) the second place; and 3) the third place  – in each week. The main award for each week will be the travel opportunity to the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan to be planned by the organizers in a suitable time frame. Other winners will be awarded with special gifts (electronic gadgets) to be delivered to the respective addresses to be provided by the participants in their answer submission form.


Location of the contest:

The questions will be posted weekly, on the above-mentioned dates, on the ICYF-ERC below social media accounts and website. Thus, stay tuned and do not forget to follow us on:

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Contact us:

In case of any query, you may contact us at [email protected].