Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum – Eurasian Regional Center issues statement condemning Armenia’s provocations

Chair of the Board of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum – Eurasian Regional Center (ICYF-ERC) Elchin Asgarov has released a statement condemning Armenian’s recent provocations.

The statement reads:

“The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum – Eurasian Regional Center (ICYF-ERC) is deeply concerned about the escalating border tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia. We strongly condemn Armenia’s provocative actions, which artificially ignite tensions and ultimately derail the normalization process.

ICYF-ERC strongly condemns the illegal activities named as “elections” held in the Garabagh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan by the puppet separatist regime supported and established by the Republic of Armenia. This step is a flagrant violation of norms and principles of international law as well as the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Republic of Armenia’s continuous support for the puppet separatist regime, including the existence of the illegal Armenian armed forces among many other illegal activities in the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan, not only constitutes a violation of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty but also deals a serious blow to the efforts of normalization in the region and the reintegration of ethnic Armenians living in the Garabagh region into the constitutional framework of the Republic of Azerbaijan. ICYF-ERC calls for the unconditional and complete withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan and disbandment of the separatist puppet regime.

ICYF-ERC urges Armenia to immediately cease its illegal activities directed against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and to constructively engage in diplomatic negotiations with the Republic of Azerbaijan to support the normalization process in the region. ICYF-ERC supports peace negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan and believes that signing a peace agreement will make a major contribution to peace and stability in the region.

Moreover, ICYF-ERC calls upon the international community, including the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to strongly condemn the illegal activities pursued by the Republic of Armenia against the Republic of Azerbaijan. A robust international condemnation, in line with all OIC resolutions and statements as well as United Nations Security Council resolutions, is needed to prevent the Republic of Armenia from taking further steps that endanger the fragile normalization efforts in the region.”