ICYF-ERC Hosted an “Iftar” Dinner in Baku

On 23 April 2021, the Eurasian Regional Center of ICYF (ICYF-ERC) hosted an “Iftar” dinner in Baku, Azerbaijan with the participation of children and family members of Patriotic (Karabakh) War martyrs. Throughout the event that was organized to commemorate the heroic martyrs and provide moral support to their families, the children enjoyed fun games and were presented gifts.
ICYF-ERC Director General Mr. Elmaddin Mehdiyev addressing the event mentioned that after 30 years of occupation this is the first Ramadan spent with liberated Karabakh and this war and its heroes have a special place in the history of Azerbaijan. Furthermore, he emphasized that caring for the children of dear martyrs is a vital duty for society and the Azerbaijani nation and state accomplish this task with honor.
Elmaddin Mehdiyev expressed his gratitude to “Emanet” – a project to support the development of children of martyrs and veterans, for their close cooperation in organizing the event.