Young Public Diplomacy Summit Baku 2024 held

Baku, Azerbaijan – On March 1st, 2024, the Center for Strategy and Cultural Diplomacy (CSCD) successfully hosted the Young Public Diplomacy Summit Baku 2024, in collaboration with esteemed partners such as the Eurasian Regional Center of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF-ERC), EduHub, and the Embassy of Pakistan in Azerbaijan. This significant event took place at the Azerbaijan University of Languages and was attended by a diverse audience, including a significant number of local students.

Mr. Hassan Mehar, Chairman of CSCD, welcomed participants and partners, emphasizing the importance of such platforms in promoting cultural understanding. Mr. Malik Tehseen, Managing Director of CSCD, further expressed gratitude and moderated the summit, ensuring a seamless flow of discussions and presentations. Head of Operations Mr. Rehan Javed and Head of Programs Ms. Anum Javed were also present.

Distinguished guests, including Ms. Jala Garibova, Vice-Rector for International Affairs at Azerbaijan University of Languages, and Mr. Novruz Mammadov, former Prime Minister of Azerbaijan and Vice-Rector of AUL for Scientific Issues, graced the occasion with their welcome remarks and encouragement for the youth participants.

A pivotal moment in the summit was the enlightening keynote speech by His Excellency Mr. Bilal Hayee, Ambassador of Pakistan to Azerbaijan, who shared valuable insights on Public Diplomacy in the contemporary world. A subsequent panel discussion further enriched the discourse on this crucial subject.

Mr. Vusal Gurbanov, Acting Director General of ICYF-ERC, extended a warm welcome and showcased the organization’s youth-centric initiatives. Mr. Chingiz Gasimzada, representing ICYF-ERC, delivered a presentation that resonated with the summit’s theme.

Engaging lectures were delivered by renowned speakers, including Ms. Hukuma Abbasova’s discourse on Post-War Azerbaijani Society, Ms. Gulnara Aslanbayli’s insights on Youth Leadership and Advocacy in Cultural Diplomacy leading to Business Diplomacy from AmCham, and Mr. Orkhan Masimov’s discussion on Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in the Third Sector from EduHub.

The summit concluded on a celebratory note with a captivating music performance by the Seyyah band. Participants had the opportunity to share their perspectives, adding depth to the dialogue.

With an overwhelming turnout, the Young Public Diplomacy Summit Baku 2024 underscored the transformative potential of cultural diplomacy in empowering youth and fostering global understanding.