Congratulation of the Board: Happy New Year and World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day

Dear Friends!

The International Board and staff of the Eurasian Regional Center of ICYF cordially congratulate you all on the upcoming 2022 and World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day.

International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis which had been founded by a national leader Heydar Aliyev, is remarkable in a sense that it symbolizes unity of brotherly people of Azerbaijan who live in different parts of the world and have a great passion towards their country.

The year left behind has been a year of challenges, difficulties, contradictions and important achievements for many of us. Turn of the calendar always brings new, fresh beginnings and opens a new chapter in relationships. We enter to 2022 with the light of hope and positive expectations.

The International Board and Staff of the Eurasian Regional Center of ICYF wish all friendly and brotherly nations the best of health, happiness and prosperity, hoping for more peaceful world in 2022!

Happy New Year and International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis!